Soulful and energizing, dub Addis combines intricate Ethiopian melodies with the rhythms of Reggae to create an original sound that moves both the heart and mind. Continuing the rich traditions of Ethiopian music and the legacy of the great Reggae artists, the music of dub Addis unites people of all backgrounds in a celebration of life. For over a decade dub Addis has shared their passion with their audiences. They have shared the stage with Huge Masekela, The Wailers, Steel Pulse, Arrested Development, and many others.

We believe in the power of music to overcome differences and unite people of all backgrounds, and that the connections forged by music can lead us to greater harmony and understanding. Paramount is our love for the music and the experience of sharing creativity and ideas with each other as musicians and with everyone for whom we perform.


Upcoming Shows


3.20.15  Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival

4/48/12 @ Lincoln Theatre

9/7/13 Hopscotch 

 Shakori Hills Grassroots Fest. Fall 2011


Ethio-Roots (2008)

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New Album

by dub Addis
Rehearsal 3/2016

Rehearsal 3/2016

Jerk Fest 2016 Durham, NC

Jerk Fest 2016 Durham, NC

Tropicalia 2016

Tropicalia 2016